About ISD

Isd ScreenwriterIsedehi Aigbogun, also known as ISD, is a staunch academic, holding a B.A., M.A., and PhD (in view) in English Language.

She’s a Screenwriter, Screenplay Analyst, Consultant, and Film Scriptic.

She has worked as an English Teacher and Literacy Coach at Grange School, Greenwood House School, Evergreen Schools and Estaport Schools – all in Lagos, Nigeria.

Isedehi has written a number of standardized scripts: feature-length and shorts, and has mastered the art of screenwriting to an international standard.

Her first ever script is a Horror-Comedy, “Plague”.

Logline: When a nonchallant blueprint mapper dies, a rude awakening follows, as Hell dramatically unfolds to be disparate from his earthly erudition.

Her interest in screenwriting is borne out of a creative mind and a passion for delivering a plethora of details in a concise and effective manner, which is well suited to standard screenwriting requirements.

Her professionalism in screenwriting is a reflection of her many years of English Language studies and pedagogy, and the indoctrination of the importance of rules and theories.

She’s currently working on a PhD thesis paper based on the language of screenwriting.

She aspires to make an impact in the Nigerian Film Industry, and desires to prove that Nigerian movies can very well be accepted internationally, if the makers are properly redirected.