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First of all…

Everyone in real-life knows that having 100% battery energy in their devices for the road is divine. Also, a friend once exclaimed that finding a charging point that has, attached to it, a charger that fits your device’s charging point when the battery’s almost dry is like winning a lottery.

I found myself in such an opportune moment when I visited a friend at his office. Someone, luckily for me, had a charger that fit my iPad, and there also was a nearby extension box (underneath my friend’s table). I took advantage of that opportunity.

Somehow, I found myself needing to manoeuvre the charger head into the switch holes to get a corner of the hole that had the energy I needed to charge my phone, yet it fluctuated on me! I got the attention of my friend, and together we bent low to solve the problem. Having struggled with it much, I knew exactly what needed to be done, but my friend didn’t; he handled it “properly”. At some point, I found myself, UNDER MY BREATH, saying things like-

“No! You’re not getting it….Push it in real slow….Yeah. Yeah. Slow. Slow….Target the side of the holes….Oh! You got it….Awww! You lost it….Don’t rush, take it slow….Find the spot….Yeah, that’s it!”

My phone had started to charge properly and I had a victorious grin on my face, but…

In real-life…

…as we both lifted our heads, there was a suspicious stare on everyone’s face. I was extremely confused. I looked at my friend and he had a naughty smile on his face. It took me a long while to understand that what we did down there, underneath his desk, even if was innocent in nature, felt and sounded so WRONG!!! I just might have innocently aroused a bunch of pervs in that office. 😒

I wasn’t embarrassed, not for one second. Instead, I imagined how I could take advantage of the drama that had just occurred. Now, doesn’t that sound like a potential first scene of a movie? In fact, I’ve already made it the opening scene in one of my scripts.

What is my point here?

Why have I said EVERYTHING IN REAL-LIFE IN TROUBLE? Off-course everything is. Every dramatic occurrence is a potential scene in a movie. Which reminds me of the script I’ve planned to start this Summer holiday, based on the Germany Trip I went to with my students in February. I have already written a 20-paged report on it, and that’s more than enough to inform my 120-paged script. One page of the report translated to 5 pages of movie script – off-course not verbatim, but with some censoring. I can’t wait to start it, cause that trip was extremely dramatic.

EVERYTHING IN REAL LIFE IS IN TROUBLE. Careful, you just might be the lead character in my next script!

Isedehi Aigbogun, also known as ISD, is a staunch academic, holding a B.A., M.A., and PhD (in view) in English Language.

She’s a Screenwriter, Screenplay Analyst, Consultant, and Film Scriptic.

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