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Yes, I’ve written sex scenes in my scripts—all my scripts!

Sex scenes vary from saying, in the description,

“They make love”

Which the movie producer may or may not wish to explore in a few seconds or more. 

To describing, to show, every move made by the characters involved, which the movie producer has to follow to the book! So, guys, when you’re watching a movie, and the sex scene is explosive or just bleak, don’t be too quick to conclude that it’s the screenwriter who wrote that.

Now that’s all out of the way, I can continue with the rest of the story.

When I wrote my first script, I thought it wouldn’t be acceptable to write a love story without sex in it. So, I did a research on it.

Yes, I’m a Christian, and I do believe in No Sex Before Marriage, but the movie industry, as we all have witnessed, won’t bank on that! They wanna sell, and sex, unfortunately, sells. And who says the people having sex in the movie aren’t married to each other anyway?😇

Good news (or bad news)

I realized that you don’t need to have sex scenes in your movie script, except when needed to progress the story. So, sorry guys, most of those sex scenes you’ve seen in movies didn’t need to be included. But I did that research too late. I’d already baked my script in such a way that the sex scene was needed (to me), and I intend to continue including sex scenes in my scripts (simply because it’s fun to do so!). Funny thing is, having sex scenes in your script could also make you, as a writer, feel professional.

Now, you might be wondering how to determine which sex scene is needed, and which one isn’. If…
  • …it’s not an Erotica movie, if a character doesn’t die during the sex (come on! There are other ways to die!),
  • …a character doesn’t try to stealthily grab that mystical locket from her opponent’s neck (or something),
  • …they aren’t caught (thereby causing a scandal),
  • …the character doesn’t discover that hidden Frat tattoo that becomes a leading clue,
  • and so many other ifs…

…then the sex scene is unnecessary! And those “necessary” sex scenes can be shown in a one-minute exploration, not going on and on like the sex is the story, or some sort of amateur tutorial. Come on!

Reminds me of our very own New Nollywood, and those terribly long, and unnecessary sex scenes. Good Heavens!

All of this starts from the roots – which is the screenwriter. If you have a story, why then would the producer want to kill time showing sex?! Huh? Think about it?

Anyway, in one of my sex scenes, I wrote that the character….

Isedehi Aigbogun, also known as ISD, is a staunch academic, holding a B.A., M.A., and PhD (in view) in English Language.

She’s a Screenwriter, Screenplay Analyst, Consultant, and Film Scriptic.

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