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Today is the last day of work at my day-job where I’m employed; off to enjoying the holidays hereafter, yet I had to take the day off to attend an “important” PhD seminar, which unfortunately, is supposed to include me as a key representative of my department, English Language, but doesn’t. A good opportunity to escape the troubles that come with my kind of job, and be the one to sit at the audience and not talk for once!

So,  here is my employed self…

…at this Faculty of Arts board room, in total regret of what appears to be an Elders’ Gathering; old men and women genuinely struggling with their ancient PC devices and squinting to clearly view what they’d compiled as their seminar presentation. These people still use CDs to store their presentations. In this day and age? When the CD Rom is on its way to extinction?!

Coming from the hi-tech environment I’ve been basking in, presently, I feel picked from glory and dumped into shame!

Anyway, the good thing about being around a lot of places is this. On the long run, you tend not to value the nothingness you once held in high esteem.

So, yeah, I’m desperate to…
  • …leave this “senior” group I clearly don’t fit into. Never have I.
  • …explore my environment more in order to conquer all that nothingness still out there somewhere.
  • …embrace the one thing that keeps escalating even when I think I’ve caught up. Writing movies. 😍

Wish I could get someone to pay me while I soak myself in my scripts, but life doesn’t work that way. Nigeria, doesn’t work that way. You abandon your place of work for just a month and BOOM, someone who’d been warming up takes over. This leaves you with no means of survival; leaves you with nothing but your scripts to write.

But how can you write…
  • …if you don’t have electrical power to work on your computer. Because you’re too broke to buy or fuel a generating set?
  • …if you are too broke to repair or replace your wrecked computer or power-pack?
  • …when all you think of is how you’ve not eaten properly for days?
  • …when you’re not even selling any script?
  • How?

So you have to remain employed, so that you can have enough money to foot these bills to enable you write.

But how can you when you’re …
  • …working overtime and weekends on that “day” job?
  • …losing the required writing skills that need time to be obtained and maintained?
  • … not even selling any script?
  • if all your energy is channeled into something else that isn’t your ultimate passion and you are extremely tired on getting home after a long day?
  • How?

Isedehi Aigbogun, also known as ISD, is a staunch academic, holding a B.A., M.A., and PhD (in view) in English Language.

She’s a Screenwriter, Screenplay Analyst, Consultant, and Film Scriptic.

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